God’s Most Remarkable Deeds in Your Life?

What are God’s most remarkable deeds in your life? Can you identify some high moments when God intervened in such a way that surprised you or the people around you? My article Quels sont les hauts faits de Dieu dans votre vie ? is the result of such a reflection in my own life. Although it has not been translated into English, you might want to write your own version of it by reconsider your entire life in the light of God’s mighty actions in your favour.

Daniel Garneau

Faith in times of pandemic

The original French version of this article, La foi en temps de pandémie, was produced in response to a question asked by a new believer of our Church group. The article provides a biblical understanding of human suffering in the context of a loving and all-powerful God. Nellie walks us through key aspects in the lives of Joseph, in Egypt, Job, and Jesus, leading us to understand that God, through Jesus, is a suffering God, and that he suffers along with us.

There is no planning for providing a full translation of the full article. However, you might chose to have a peek at La foi en temps de pandémie through TranslateTheWeb.com.

This synthesis of Nellie’s article was provided by Daniel Garneau, March 2, 2021.

Overcoming Doubt?

Do we allow some of our modes of reasoning to suppress faith from our lives? Why not ask God to help us find ways of countering doubts about the faithfulness of His promises? And, for the benefit of all who happen to visit this web site every now and then, please share with us what you do to counter doubt when you are faced with it in your own life».

For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from him (Psalm 62.5)

I’ll start off by sharing a summary of three approach that I find helpful:

  1. About three to five years ago, I decided that if I was to have enough faith to ask anything from God, thanking Him for what He did was as much part of the faith-act as asking. My problem had been that when God did something spectacular in response to one of my prayer, I would tend to lay back and find it strange that things turned out as they did. Thanking God helps me wrap my mind and heart in faith around what He does.
  2. About one year ago, I began to realize that there were large chunks of Scriptures that I read without really believing that they were for me. Some passages in Acts for example were completely dead to me because I was not sure they applied to me today, context being different. The Lord helped me lift that barrier, but I realized I was also hesitant with applying promises or words from prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, etc.
  3. As of January 1 of this year, 2018, during a time of prayer and meditation, I felt convinced by God to counter such doubting as that which is described above with a strong stance against any form of reasoning that hindered me from believing what God is doing or what His Word says He has in store for me today.

So, I would be interested in hearing and reading what others have done to counter their own doubting, on the one hand. On the other hand, I feel led by the Lord and by His Spirit to share about this, hoping others of like mind and spirit will want to engage discussing.

This question is developed through a meditation of 2 Reyes 6-7 and Hebrews 11:6, accompanied with practical ways I found over the years and more recently to live by faith.

The complete article, for which the above synthesis tries to give an account, focuses on the difficulty of placing one’s faith in God after He answers a prayer in ways that are surprising: to learn more, please consult the original French version, Vaincre le doute.

Please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, letting us know your own experience with coping with doubt in such a ways as to nurture your faith.

May God bless you!

Daniel Garneau,
Article published : January 1, 2018;
Article updated: December 20, 2018.

Difficulty of Admitting God’s Action on My Behalf

How did I move from a situation where it was evident for me when God was answering my prayers, to a mindset where it had become natural for me to doubt about God’s intervening in my life after I had prayed, instead of believing He has answered? How did I move from a posture of faith to one of struggling to perceive God’s action on my behalf?

The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer (Ps 18.2)

Becoming conscious of this difficulty helped me to slowly move from this posture of doubt to the posture of faith I had earlier held in my life. One key to this reverting from unbelief to faith in practical affairs of God’s answering or not my prayers was to consider as a part of my faith to thank God for what He had done in response to any given prayer. Faith is thus not be limited to the act of asking, but is also extended to that of receiving.

Full text available under, La difficulté d’admettre l’action de Dieu en ma faveur (French).

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Can Married Couples be Restored?

Can married couples be restored? Can God restore old broken married couples? What about Christian couples struggling in situations where they see no exit? My answer: assuredly! My wife and I spent a number of years in a situation that could too often have been described as more painful than joyful, yet we both remained faithful to one another.

I called out to the Lord, out of my distress, and he answered me (Jonas 2.2, ESV)

In fact, without knowing it, we were trying, as many do, to fill through each other the unanswered needs from our past. This is often the case, for intimate relationships tend to reactivate childhood wounds in need of being healed. According to the therapist Hartville Hendrix’s Getting The Love You Want, it is in the context of a real commitment to each other that those wounds can be healed, as we have also experimented ourselves.

This has been far from obvious though. For a long time, we tried very hard to get things fixed, but somehow never seemed to succeed. After a while, we just let go of the issues that bothered us, and both agreed to disagree about our perceptions, no longer really trying to convince the other. We just lived side by side as best we could while we focused each on our own responsibility before God. I then discovered some of the relational patterns that I had developed when I was young, and on the basis of which I was still interacting; I began to replace these for more effective strategies. It was a first step.

At the same time, about ten years ago, I was asked by my supervisor to hire someone to replace me on the specific job I had been hired to do for my employer, because I wanted to take other responsibilities at work. As it turned out, I trained this person, and worked alongside her for six months. She was a Christian, from a different branch of the Church than ours, and we had some very interesting conversations together.

She was one of the means God used in my life to think through what the basis of my faith had been. This led me to identify one specific area of my life I had let myself slip into. The Holy Spirit of God made it clear to me that He wanted me to repent from it – no later than right now! The impression left on me by this realization was so clear that I became convinced I needed to make a choice right there and then. So I did, immediately. From then on, the guilt that had greatly burdened me, and indirectly affected my relationships, completely disappeared. I was freed from it, liberated as if from a rush of wind from God.

What followed was a series of steps where I went from the position of one who feels a victim of circumstances, as if a prison of a spiritual nature encased me, to one who knew he was God’s son, a prince under the authority of Christ, co-heir with the King. It became clear to me that I could call upon my Father, and receive answers to my petitions in resisting whatever temptations were before me. I am not saying here that I became sinless. What I am saying is that I became a warrior against the forces of darkness – as I had been in earlier years. I remembered who I was in Christ, and I began to be much more efficient in turning immediately to my source of strength for fighting sin.

These changes became the basis for a new outlook in my relationship to my wife. She saw the changes that had occurred with me. I also began to pray God for her every time she did or said something that I did not like. I began bathing her in prayer, until one day she told me she felt loved and accepted. Our relationship then took a completely different turn. It must be specified that in the mean time, my wife was also going through experiences of spiritual liberation of her own. This allowed her to welcome the renewed person I had become, walking along with me anew, closer than we ever had been.

Our adult children – who were no longer living at home at the time, and both had careers of their own – began teasing my wife and I. Eventually – within the same year – they  began saying things like: “Mom, dad is courting you! Don’t you see it?”.  A little later they began to teasingly accuse us of suffering from blind love ! A good problem, isn’t it? : “You are really strange parents, they said jokingly. It seems as if you both believe the other has no defects or shortcomings of any sort. You are like young lovers who just met.

Up to this day, my wife and I still enjoy a very good relationship for which we thank the Lord.  So when I say to anyone I feel the joy of Christ, and His peace within me now, these two events related just above are always in the background of my mind and heart.

People in our Church who have known us for many a year began to say that the changes they saw in us as couple have encouraged them greatly in not losing hope that God can work in their lives too in ways that they had began to despair would be possible.

Reading through the epistles of Peter, paying close attention to First Peter 5:6-11, it strikes me that the prowling evil-one tried to destroy both my wife and I, and, through us, our entire family, yet he failed. God prevailed. I am thankful to my Father.

As I conclude this article, I am raising my heart in prayer on the behalf of all who struggle in their marital relationship, and might be tempted to adopt a despairing attitude.

I pray God to use this testimony for providing some measure of hope to suffering couples. Are you amongst them? I am praying that the Holy Spirit will perhaps lead you to the right people, or that He will bring home to you some passages of Scriptures, in such a way that it will help you understand your own situation in a better light. I am praying that He will enable you to trust Him to set things right in your own heart, so that you will know how to restore whatever needs to be, both in relationship to your spouse and to your God. I pray that you will want to do whatever needs be done with this regard.

I first published the above testimony, December 10, 2014, on Christian Forum Site, under Forums –> General Forums –> New Members Welcome –> New to group… how much help has this group been to you? It has been adapted to better suit its present context, and amplified to provide a richer human dimension to what occurred spiritually.

Relying on God helped you getting through situations that seemed desperate at times or this article was helpful to you in some ways,  feel free to let me and others know of it.

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Author: Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA.
February 7, 2018.

Knowing one is Loved by God: the Key for Loving Others

Knowing one is loved by God: the key for loving others–Our love for others will be limited unless we understand God’s love toward us, since it is the love that God has for us that is the source of the love we have for others.

Can a woman forget her nursing child,
that she should have no compassion on the son of her womb?
Even these may forget,
yet I will not forget you. (Isaiah 49:15, ESV)

Although Se savoir aimé de Dieu : la clé pour aimer autrui is currently available in French only, this site contains English language articles covering some of the same ground and that may be of interest to you, for example: Testimony and Training.

You wish to get involved and discuss about life-related subject matters, feel free to join our trilingual Community of dialog about the Christian Faith (French, English, Spanish). You are also welcome to share below some aspect of your hard-gained life experience.

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Author: Daniel Garneau, B Th, B Com, MA.
February 8, 2018.

Research key words:
knowing one is loved by God; key for loving others; loved by God; loving others.

What I mean by “I am a Christian”

After coming to Christ and to a life of obedience to what God teaches in his Word, it took me several years to understand that it is not so important to be able to become proud of the type of Christian that we are, but to be proud of the type of Savior we have, Jesus,  through whom we are adopted into the family of God, and become heir of His promises. This is part of what I mean when I say that I am a Christian.

All we like sheep have gone astray;
we have turned—every one—to his own way;
and the Lord has laid on him
the iniquity of us all. (Isaiah 53:6, ESV)

Although the Full text of this article — Ce que j’entends par « Je suis chrétien » — is currently available only in French, a number of English Language articles deal with similar or complementary subject matters as this one:

You wish to get involved and discuss about life-related subject matters, feel free to join our trilingual Community of dialog about the Christian Faith (French, English, Spanish). You are also welcome to share below some aspect of your hard-gained life experience.

Daniel Garneau
Article updated: August 28, 2017; January 5, and June 18, and July 23, 2018.