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Gospel Power Panel Discussion (Piper, Storms, Chan, Meyer & Núñez )

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Gospel Power Panel Discussion (Piper, Storms, Chan, Meyer & Núñez )

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This Gospel Power Panel Discussion brings together John Piper, Jonathan Bosers, Francis Chan, Jason Meyer and Sam Storms, answering questions such as the following:
  • Can you give any practical guidance to the spiritual gifts such as tongues, miracles and prophecy?
  • Should we pray that we should have certain gifts of the Spirit?
  • How should we think about praying for healing?
  • How do you shepherd someone you are praying for to feel hope in God without being presumptuous, but still being expectant?
  • How should we have discernment about the gifts and declaration of gifts?
  • How do we make our churches a place where its people, especially women who are victims of sexual abuse, feel protected, safe, and heard?
  • How are male leaders in the church supposed to relate to women in the church?
  • How do male leaders in the church act wisely in relating to women without making them feel like they are a threat?
  • What encouragement would you give to those who feel they do not measure up to the successful ministries of prominent speakers and pastors?
  • How should we act when God makes promises?
This video includes a moment where one of the panellists feels led of the Spirit to pray for the healing of another panellist, providing at the same time an example of some of the answers to some of the questions raised during this discussion.

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