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Healing Ministry (Ken Fish)

Publié : mer. 19 juin 2019, 10:18 am
par DanielGarneau
Ken Fish adresses the question of "How to practice a Healing Ministry?" based on a five-step approach initially developped by John Wimber.
  • Ken Fish on Practicing a Healing Ministry - Part I;
  •  Ken Fish on Practicing a Healing Ministry - Part II.
This approach can be summarized as follows : learning the symptom as presented by the person requiring healing; finding out what the root of the presenting problem might be; choosing an appropriate way of praying in light of the first two questions; being attentive to what is happening as a result of your prayers; providing the person with post-healing advice.  

This message is based on the example provided by Jesus in Mark 9:14-32. However, Ken Fish warns his hearers against using these as a set formula that works everytime. One must be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and feel free to break away from these "steps" if they are not appropriate to the situation at  hand. Also, one must be careful to not use Ken's practical advices as magic formulas to be applied with the expectation that they will work every time. They are tips based on experience that must be accompanied by the faith of anyone practicing a healing Ministry.