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Ken Fish interviewed by Eric Metaxas (February 2019)

Publié : lun. 24 juin 2019, 9:35 am
par DanielGarneau
Eric Metaxas interviews Ken Fish about his healing and prophetic Ministry. The topics being covered throughout this interview include:   
  •  Ken Fish's healing and prophetic Ministry, and a word about his academic background and involvment;
  •  The little known role of prophetic ministry in the gread revivals; 
  •  Ken Fish's expectation of an upcoming revival; 
  •  What can be done to contribute to activating this revival;
  •  Healing mental illness diseases;
  •  Words of knowledge: insights given by God about how to pray into spectific situations;
  •  Abortion, the current culture of death, and the place of the church as a prophetic people; 
  •  Evil, some of its manifestations; 
  •  Overt and covert satanism. 
I personnally found this iterview useful to form a basic idea about Ken Fish and his Ministry. For more from Ken Fish, you might want to subscribe to