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Face skincare tool
Face skincare tool
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It used to be said that after the age of 25 the skin would age so anti-aging was needed, but now more and more students in high school have started to wear skin care products. And you only have to look at the first floor of the department store building where care product counters are always located, and the anniversary battle to know that the human skin war - anti-aging skin never goes out of fashion. As the saying goes, "know your enemy", you know that most people want to target the dermis, but most of the money you pay only reaches the epidermis? Other people's articles start by introducing equipment, but you don't know your own skin condition, how do you know what machine to buy to be effective?

Endogenous aging

Endogenous aging is caused by genetics, which results in thinning of the epidermis, decreased moisturizing function, decreased sebaceous gland secretion, rapid accumulation of dead keratin, decreased collagen production in the dermis, loss of elastin, and the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

For endogenous aging, we can improve the problem of dehydration and dryness of the epidermis through the application of appropriate moisturizing lotion, and then achieve the purpose of improving these fine lines; for the depression of the skin caused by the loss of collagen and elastin, we can fill it with autologous fat filler or some medical fillers, such as hyaluronic acid injection and microcrystalline porcelain injection; for sagging skin, besides surgical facelift surgery, there are some non-invasive medical devices that can achieve the effect of tightening and lifting, such as electrolysis to stimulate collagen renewal and restructuring, and then achieve the effect of tightening the skin and sculpting the contour of the face.

Other options than medical aesthetics - the use of beauty devices

Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are used to tighten and lift the skin, maintain elasticity, lock in moisture and cushion the effect respectively. The "factory overhaul" to combat endogenous aging is a very normal thing for modern people.

For those who don't want to go into the factory for maintenance, are there any options that can be used normally with good results and reasonable prices?

So manufacturers have miniaturized commercial beauty devices into home use beauty devices, which are suitable for regular "at home" maintenance use. How to choose the right beauty device? The primary focus is on the ability to activate collagen and elastin regeneration.

However, most of the devices are introduced as targeting the dermis, but in fact, they only work on the epidermis.

From 2014, we cannot help but mention this gold bar. The "Beauty Bar 24K Gold Massage Bar" took up space due to the publicity of Winnie Hsu, and it became even more popular after the artists Lin Xinru and Xiao S "assisted" it, starting to set off the beauty device craze.

In particular, the beauty devices base of Japan - 3C store "BIC CAMERA" on the first floor of the display of a wide range of beauty equipment, a variety of beauty equipment brands, functions, models of a wide variety, do not know how to start to good, cleaning, lifting, firming, as if the family does not buy a couple of do not know how to maintain the same, in order to choose a suitable for their own beauty equipment, so after reading a lot of sharing articles, today to share with you properly.

First of all, there are five types of beauty devices commonly found in the market nowadays, namely, cleansing type beauty devices, microcurrent type beauty devices, ultrasonic wave-induced beauty devices, ion-induced beauty devices and radio frequency type beauty devices.

Cleaning type beauty device

Always wash your face before all maintenance procedures. It is not a good thing to put on products after a long day of makeup and dust.

Nowadays, the machine is used to wash the face, emphasizing that washing with the machine is cleaner than washing by hand. The cleaning type beauty device is commonly known as a face wash machine, relying on the use of the principle of vibration to wash out the dirty things, attached to the guide is usually a brush or silicone particles, because the brush face is too irritated skin, but also afraid of bacterial residue, now most of the use of silicone particles.

Ultrasonic guided beauty device

The Phonophoresis method is similar to the previous one, in that vibration is used for cleansing, but the frequency of vibration must be increased if it is to be able to penetrate. Using high frequency vibration to produce a fine and intensive massage on the skin, effectively accelerating the absorption of ingredients.

Some models are also combined with warm stimulation to further promote skin blood circulation and help the absorption of skin care products. Some also emphasize that their products are "ultrasonic ion infusion" - vibration is vibration and ion infusion is ion infusion, how can they be combined with different things? It's not like PIKO Taro! If there is a separate setting option on the machine, there are different functions to choose from, if not, it's a gimmick by the manufacturer.

EMS micro-current type beauty device

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS), or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES), is the use of weak electrical current to stimulate muscles and lymph, thereby achieving the effect of muscle contraction, edema removal, and skin lifting and tightening. Commonly known as low-frequency electrotherapy, it is generally used for pain relief, rehabilitation and prevention of muscle atrophy, and is now used to assist in muscle training.

According to McMakin, a scientist in the field of microcurrent, 50 to 1000 μA is the optimal range for microcurrent cosmetic effects.

Ion-conducted beauty device

The Iontophoresis method uses the principle of homogeneous repulsion and heterogeneous attraction generated by the physics of positive and negative currents. It was first discovered by Italian anatomist Luigi Galvani that the contraction of frog muscles occurred when metal sheets came into contact with frog muscles, and it turned out that animal tissues could be electrified to generate electric current.

In the early days, the ionization method was mainly used clinically to deliver drugs to the body through the skin, but now the beauty industry uses this method to allow negative ions to deliver care products and drugs into the skin, which can more than double the penetration rate of care products. Positive ions, on the other hand, are used to remit dirt from deeper pores, providing a deeper cleansing of the skin.

Most ion-conducting beauty devices use a "constant" current, but some are starting to use a "pulsed" current, which reduces the irritation of the current. In addition, the smaller the molecular weight of the input ingredient, the more easily it can be introduced. The current intensity used for Jafani ion introduction is about 0.5 to 2 mA for the face and 2 to 8 mA for the body.

The effect of ionization also depends on the composition of the formula, pH value, electrolyte concentration, etc., so use the gel carrier recommended by the manufacturer to "push" the essence in, and do not just apply your own care products, otherwise the effect will not be good!

Radiofrequency type beauty device

Radio frequency (RF) is "high-frequency electromagnetic wave", commonly known as electromagnetic radiation (called "radio frequency" in mainland China), using high-frequency electromagnetic wave directly to the dermal fibers of the skin, the dermal fibers heated to 55 ℃ - 65 ℃ to cause some damage to the principle of tissue, to let the skin into the wound healing mechanism (Wound Healing Process), so that the skin to achieve the effect of repair, renewal, and promote the growth of collagen.

However, such a device, the first thing to consider is not the effect, but the use of safety. Radiofrequency devices need to be heated to a certain temperature, and the direct result of too high a temperature is a burn. Generally, after 2-4 months of use, collagen reorganization and facial lines will be more satisfactorily enhanced.


There are many other types of beauty devices, so it is really impossible to introduce them all. If you use it for men, it's basically a cleansing type, so if you don't wash it clean, it's a waste. If you are a woman, you can use it with a firming and lifting device in addition to the cleansing type, so you can go out looking beautiful.

No matter which beauty device you finally choose, there is no such thing as a once and for all beauty device, you can't "fish for a day and sunbathe for three days"! Remember to continue, continue, continue to use, in order to get the results you want!



Face skincare tool
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