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Listening to the Bible, Why Not?

You remain curious about the contents of the Bible, but you do not own one, or the thickness of the one you possess tends to intimidate you and to keep you away from it. Listening to the Bible could perhaps … Continue reading

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Reading the Bible Seems Heavy to you?

You are amongst those who find little or no motivation for reading your Bible? You are under the impression that the pages of the Bible talk to you no more? It is as if the words were going in front … Continue reading

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Answering Hervé-Cyrille from Benin

This article provides advice to those who meet Christ through the Web, and are wondering how they might proceed in order to grow in their new-found Christian faith. Here is some of the most basic advice to be heeded, in … Continue reading

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Intelligence and Christian Faith

When I came to the Lord as my personal Savior as a young adult in 1977, I believed myself to be very limited in terms of intellectual capabilities or potential, such as are involved in the proper understanding of written … Continue reading

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God Answers Prayers!

God answers prayers in ways that are sometimes surprising… I would never have imagined that He would answer my prayers by leading me to create the web site  Savoir et croire .ca, and its Forum chrétien la Rencontre. The entire … Continue reading

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Being a Christian?

Being a Christian is about being. From who we are flows what we like and dislike, what we do and don’t do. To become a Christian, one must start by knowing who God is. Reading about the life of Jesus … Continue reading

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Bird’s Eye View

My preceding testimony,  God’s Outworking in my Life, provided a detailed view of some of the major events that drew my attention to God in the first place, and that contributed to make me want to stick with Him throughout … Continue reading

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